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Scandinavia is made up by Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and is a region in the Northern Europe. The three of them have the Scandinavian language in common, and therefore, they understand eachother and are able to communicate even though they speak different languages. Furthermore, their cultures, nature and history are very alike. We offer city trips, skiing, outdoor and study tours to all of Scandinavia.

Read about Denmark, Norway and Sweden below or by clicking the links.


Denmark is a small kingdom consisting of flat landscapes and green forests, surrounded by seas. Danish people as well as tourists use the many rivers, lakes and seas happily, as there is ample opportunity for canoe tours down the rivers or stand up paddle board in the sea etc. The most unique way to experience the sea in Denmark is by Grenen. ‘Grenen’ means ‘the stick’ and it is the most Northern point in Denmark. This is where the two seas, Kattegat and Skagerrak, collide, and if you want to, you can stand with one foot in both seas and feel the waves bump into each other.

Denmark and the Danish people are often linked to the Vikings – for good reason. One of the greatest and most well-known Vikings is Harald Bluetooth, who Bluetooth, as we know it today, is named after. Denmark has a lot of museums, including a couple of Viking museums, and sometimes it is possible to take part in or experience a Viking Moot.

Another thing many people think of when they hear the word ’Denmark’ is the author H.C. Andersen and his fairy tales like “The little Mermaid” and “The ugly Duckling”. In Odense, the third largest city in Denmark, it is possible to visit Andersen’s childhood home, which today acts as a museum.

Furthermore, Denmark offers a broad selection of museums, Zoos, theme parks, castles and various outdoor activities such as canoeing, SUP, tree topping, mountain biking and hiking.

Both Copenhagen and Aarhus are ‘typical’ cities with restaurants, beaches, parks and shopping streets, that are full with life during the day and in the evening. All of the activities and sights mentioned below are easy to get to by bike, electric scooter and public transport. You can also take the Hop On Off, who offers sightseeing in a bus or on a boat.


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, and it has plenty of activities to do that are especially relevant for study tours. The city is known for the sculpture, the little Mermaid, which is over 100 years old and one of Copenhagen’s most popular tourist attractions. Additionally, Copenhagen has several old castles, e.g. Christiansborg Palace which is also a government building, and Amalienborg Palace. Amalienborg is the residence of the Danish royal family, and this is also where you will be able to watch the Royal Life Guards.

Bakken and Tivoli is the world’s oldest and second oldest theme parks, respectively, and they are also to find in Copenhagen. Besides, the capital possesses various zoos, museums, theatres, the Opera, green parks and much more.


Denmark’s second largest city is Aarhus and based on population, it is only half the size of Copenhagen. But that does not mean it is not worth a visit. Back in 2017, Aarhus was appointed European Capital of Culture, which means that Aarhus has a lot of culture to offer. The city has numerous museums, for instance Arosfamous for its glass rainbow on the roof. Aside from Tivoli Friheden, which is located close to downtown, Aarhus is within driving distance of e.g. LEGOLAND and other theme parks.

Marselisborg Palace is located in the southern part of Aarhus and is the summer and Christmas residence of the Danish royal family.

The Old Town is definitely worth a visit as well. As the name states, it is an old town, but it is more than that – it is also an open-air (and sometimes living) museum. In The Old Town, visitors walk amongst the old and original houses and see how homes, schools, shops, buildings etc. have changed through one century.


Norway is an incredibly beautiful country and it is just the right place for those who are looking for a magnificent nature experience. Norway has a lot to offer when it comes to outdoor activities, such as beautiful fjords, steep mountainsides, silver gleaming waterfalls, lush landscapes, archipelago along the coast and a lovely capital city, where yet another fjord leaves you speechless.

The Norwegians are a charming people, they are as hospitable as the day is long, and they stand together as one unit. This unity especially shines through on May 17th which is the Norwegian Constitution Day. On this day the Norwegian people put on the Norwegian national dress, also called a Bunad, and celebrate together.

From arctic climate in Svalbard to the warm summers in South, Norway offer a broad selection of experiences. Outdoor tours in the summer are without a doubt the best way to see and experience the amazing nature and the many opportunities. You can choose to get on a cruise on the fjords and maybe get to see the Northern Light or maybe you prefer to hike in the mountains and enjoy the fresh air from there – the options are many.

In the winter, one of Norway’s main tourist attractions opens – the ski areas, who have a great selection of ski activities, including cross country, downhill, night skiing etc. You are sure to find a ski activity that fits your skills and interests.

Norway is, due to its fantastic nature and mountains, an optimal destination for both action and skiing activities. Therefore, Norway is the perfect choice for schools whose students want to go skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer.

We offer tailor-made travels to make sure that the travellers are happy and satisfied. We put a great honour in listening to the travellers needs and wishes. To have a travel consultant help you arrange your tour to Norway, means that you will have time to be together with the students and enjoy the tour.

We have a great selection of different tours to and destinations in Norway. There are different ways to get to Norway and we offer the transport you want, whether it is by ferry or plane. Furthermore, we offer package tours to Norway, which deprives you of all the planning – you only have to look forward to an amazing tour to Norway.

Skiing in Norway

Norway has always been one of the most popular places to go skiing, which is partly because of the broad selection of groomed on-pistes as well as powdery off-pistes and cross-country trails. Most of the areas offers pistes for everyone at any level, which makes them optimal for a school class that contains a lot of different students with different level of skills and needs. Additionally, it is possible for the students to get a ski instructor.

Furthermore, the cottages are right by the pistes, so you do not have to travel by ski bus or anything like that.
Bakken and Tivoli is the world’s oldest and second oldest theme parks, respectively, and they are also to find in Copenhagen. Besides, the capital possesses various zoos, museums, theatres, the Opera, green parks and much more.

Summer in Norway

As written earlier, Norway is a beautiful country with a breath-taking nature, which makes a tour to Norway an unforgettable tour. A tour to Norway in the summer offers indescribable nature and wildlife. On an active tour to Norway you can enjoy the nature while hiking in the mountains, canoeing on the lakes or biking through the forest etc. It is completely up to you and we are here to help you achieve the tour you want.

The summer time is also the perfect time to visit Oslo, the Capital City of Norway. Oslo has a lot to offer, like the Viking ship Museum, walking tours, the Opera, ski museum and much more. In addition, Oslo is a many-sided city, where most sights are in a walking distance from each other, and in addition, Oslo is a bike friendly city. Otherwise, you can get around in the city by public transport or sightseeing buses.


Sweden can with its breath-taking nature impress most people and this is where you will find (your) peace and just be. Furthermore, Sweden offers a big number of various landscapes, such as mountains, forests, mountainsides, lakes, archipelago and rivers, beside wild life animals like eagles and elks. The Swedish law, the Freedom to Roam, makes it possible for everyone to explore the amazing nature by allowing people, Swedish as well as tourists, to walk around in the landscapes with no limitations. The many routes for hiking, mountain biking, etc. make it even easier to get around and experience every spot in the landscape. The farther North you get, the fewer civilisation there will be, and the landscape will get tougher. Furthermore, reindeers are a major part of the wildlife in the north.

Sweden is, beside from its magnificent nature, known for the children’s book author, Astrid Lindgren and the popular pop group, ABBA. Sweden is also known for its charming cities Malmö, Gothenburg and the capital city Stockholm that all are bursting cities with cafés, restaurants, and shopping opportunities where you get value for the money. All things considered, Sweden is full of historic and cultural memorials, sights, castles and other monument that reflects a former great power in Europe.

A tour to Sweden is the perfect school and study travel if the students want to go skiing in the majestic mountains of Sweden. Skiing is a very popular activity in Sweden, who therefore have many great ski facilities for everyone, no matter level.

We offer you a great selection of tours to Sweden, where especially ski trips are popular. In the summer we also have a lot of different outdoor activities to offer.

Are you going to Sweden on your next summer or winter tour? Then do not hesitate to contact us – we, at Unitas Rejser, are more than happy to help you plan your next travel.

Skiing in Sweden

In the winter, the opportunities are many whether you want to go skiing, to see and experience the Northern Lights in Lapland or to be drive around in the snow-covered landscapes, in a sleigh dragged by reindeers. Sweden offers large amounts of snow, which causes an amazing snow guarantee. Due to the fact, that Sweden is close to Denmark, we are able to offer our guests favourable prices on ski trips to Sweden.

Summer in Sweden

A tour to Sweden in the summer can include various types of outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing, biking etc. Or it can be a more educational or themed tour to one of the cities. Besides shopping streets and restaurants, the cities also offer a number of theme parks e.g. Liseberg, Astrid Lindgren’s World and High Chaparral.