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Humanitarian Travels

for church and humanitarian organisations

We help those who help others

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Getting to places in need of development and emergency aid is not always easy. Often, it consists of complicated travel plans that are in constant risk of getting altered last minute. Therefore, it is our finest job to secure that the help arrives where it is needed. Help that are saving lives, preventing illnesses, educating and training, building and rebuilding, and – last but not least – providing people with hope.

As a travel agency, we are proud of being part of making all of this possible. We hear stories from hotspots of the world on a daily basis and this provides an insight for us as to how important a piece of work we help facilitate. Therefore, we strive to keep a professional approach where flexibility is part of how we work along with a great focus on meeting and understanding our customers for the travel to fit each traveler’s needs.

Jacob Høgsted Jensen
Head of Humanitarian Department at Unitas Travel

In our Humanitarian Department, we have the pleasure of assisting both Danish and foreign church and humanitarian organisations. We have been doing this for a very long time and today, we count more than 150 organisations as our customers and cover more than 80% of the Danish market.

Did you know?

Often, we are able to offer a humanitarian ticket that are in particular adjusted travels with humanitarian purposes. In most cases, this type of ticket includes additional luggage and is more flexible towards changes and cancellations right up until departure.

What you get when travelling with our Humanitarian Department…

✔ Professional guidance and service by our travel consultants that have more than 110 years of experience combined
✔ Mediation of humantarian tickets
✔ Emergency telephone outside regular opening hours
✔ A trustworthy travel agency behind you from start to finish
✔ Security and credibility

Non profit

Unitas Travel is owned by the joint movement of YMCA-YWCA Denmark which is part of the world’s biggest youth movement, YMCA and YWCA and we work together closely. Therefore, when travelling with Unitas Travel, you support the non profit work with children and young people in Denmark and abroad, as all our profit is donated here.

Emergency telephone

Our emergency telephone is available outside our regular opening hours, including holidays. The emergency telephone is used in situations where you, as the traveller, are in need of help in regards to your travel in case of delays and/or cancellations. As of December 1st 2022, the emergency telephone in the Humanitarian Department will be served by an English speaking staff from our business partner, Arrive Agencies. The telephone number remains the same as always and will appear on the traveller’s flight ticket. Please note that a fee will be charged for this service.

Photo: Mikkel Østergaard

Sustainable travels

A lot of church and humanitarian organisations have increased their focus on sustainability over the past years. Of course, this also applies in regards to travel activities which is why we offer the possibility of climate compensating for each travel. The money from the climate compensation is invested in our climate project in Uganda in cooperation with the Danish humanitarian organisation, DanChurchAid.

What our customers say

We are always met by a professional team ready to help in any situation no matter who we call at Unitas Travel. We do not have one bad thing to say about their service.

Hanne Lyngsø-Dahl
HR Support at Red Cross Denmark

What we like about the humanitarian tickets in particular is that they signal what sort of mission we have as an organisation.

Lene Grønbech
Management Assistant at SOS Children’s Villages

I have only good things to say about their help and service. They had our back. An extra guarantee, an extra security.

Bent Olesen
Mission Consultant at Danish Lutheran Mission

When we, as a mission organisation, are responsible for our employees who travel abroad, security is very important. We have a great and trusting dialogue with Unitas Travel and gradually, we know each other well. Whenever I call Unitas, it is like asking a colleague for help.

Eva Madsen
Personnel Consultant at Danmission

I come up with a certain ticket for a certain guest but then Unitas comes up with an even better offer. We get personal treatment and they customize each travel to fit our needs – travels that are inexpensive and exactly what we are looking for.

Trésor Kankindi
CARE Denmark

I could praise Unitas forever, we are really happy with them. They are kind and welcoming and they do everything they can – they are magicians.

Eva Lindberg
Office Assistant at PlanBørnefonden

Do you want to learn more about Unitas Travel and our work with CSR and sustainability?

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