CSR and Sustainability

at Unitas Travel
Foto: Mikkel Østergaard

We are more than just a travel agency

Unitas Travel is a value-based travel agency out of Central Jutland in Denmark. As a company and as a mediater of travels, we are very aware of our climate footprint whenever we send people on journeys around the world. Therefore, we offer CO2 compensation as well as climate compensation and in addition, we are preparing and improving our knowledge within the company by educating our employees with the help of Travelife in order to act as responsible as possible.

Besides the environmental aspect of sustainability, we are also very focused on both the social and the economic aspect as we believe that sustainability can and should be measured on other parameters besides pollution. For more than 75 years, Unitas Travel has helped humanitarian organisations get to where they are needed in order to provide aid for people and places with lack of ressources. Likewise, each year, we proudly send off schools and young people as we believe an international understanding amongst cultures is vital for a a better understanding between the countries.

At Unitas Travel, we are very aware of our climate footprint. We know a strain is put on the environment each time we send people off to the world, but we also believe in the importance of securing a better tomorrow for future generations. In our opinion, this can only be done by travelling as it helps creating a better understanding amongst people of different cultures as well as setting the framework for solving climate challenges in unity.

Ida Frausing Knappe
Head of CSR at Unitas Rejser

Our role as a responsible travel agency

As a travel agency, we are always trying to improve our behavior in a world that increasingly demands attention and responsibility. Keep scrolling to learn more about what we do to achieve this at Unitas Rejser.

Your role as a responsible customer

To find out how to travel more responsible, click on the link below.

We are certified Travelife Partner

As part of our increased focus on sustainability and CSR, we are actively working on our Travelife certification. Travelife is a certification of sustainability that is particularly developed for the travel industry. The certification implies education along with leadership and certification of each employee and it consists of three steps – Engaged, Partner and Certified.

In 2016, Unitas Travel got to the second level in the certification process and therefore, was verified Travelife Partner. In 2022, our Partner status was renewed and now, our ambition is to reach the top level and final step; Travelife Certified. For this to happen, we are combing through our value chain while tightening our requirements for our suppliers and business partners. In addition, to reach the final step of the certification, all employees will get Travelife-certified – a process that has already begun.

We are aware of the hard work the Travelife certification requires from everyone at our company, but we also know the importance of Unitas Travel as a travel agency making an effort in the fight for a more sustainable future.

Photo: Mikkel Østergaard

We offer CO2 and climate compensation

We offer CO2 and climate compensation on all our travels. When travelling by bus, climate compensation is already included in the price and when travelling by flight or train, compensation can be included by additional purchase.

In addition, we cooperate with suppliers on different destinations who also have sustainability on their agenda. This means if you as a traveller wish to leave as little a footprint as possible, we can arrange transport, accomodation and a program that fulfill your needs.

We are owned 100% by YMCA-YWCA Denmark

Unitas Travel is owned by the joint movement of YMCA-YWCA Denmark which is part of the world’s biggest youth movement, YMCA and YWCA and we work together closely. Therefore, when travelling with Unitas Travel, you support the non profit work with children and young people in Denmark and abroad, as all our profit is donated here.

We are Unitas Travel!

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