Transport and climate compensation

Transport og climate compensation

When travelling with Unitas Travel, it is always possible to compensate for your climate footprint on your travel and we offer different kinds of CO2 and climate compensation. If you are travelling by bus or ferry, climate compensation is always included in the price. As to other forms of transport, CO2 and/or climate compensation can be included as additional purchase.

Climate compensated transport

For climate compensation, we compensate the amount of CO2 emitted in connection with transport to and from your destination. In addition, we use a corresponding amount of money to implement additional measures that prepare the locals on handling climate change. This includes training and education of local farmers, prodcurement of climate-resistant crops, retention of land, shelter for crops etc.

INCLUded in all travels by bus and ferry

CO2 compensated transport

CO2 compensation refers to 1:1 compensation of the amount of CO2 emitted in connection with transport to and from your destination. One ton of CO2 corresponds to 1.7 tree planted. The trees are planted in our climate forest in Uganda in cooperation with DanChurchAid.

additional purchase for travels by flight

Optional CO2 and climate compensation

As a customer at Unitas Travel, you can always choose to include CO2 and climate compensation as additional purchase aside from what might already be included. Therefore, “Optional CO2 and climate compensation” is an option on all travels where compensation is not included beforehand.

additional purchase for all forms of transportation

What are the money being used for?

CO2-og klimakompensation med Unitas Rejser.

All proceeds from the CO2 and climate compensation goes untouched to our climate project in Uganda in cooperation with DanChurchAid. The money is, among other things, used for planting trees and crops while also educating and preparing locals on how to better handle climate change.

What else is included?

Below you can read more about what is included in the price for the various forms of transport – in addition to any potential CO2 and/or climate compensation.

Travel by bus

Our bus prices include the whole bus ride, i.e. from the starting address to and from the destination and return. In addition, the price includes potential expenses to ferry crossing and bridge tolls depending on the chosen route. Lastly, transport to planned activities of a maximum of 100 km per day is also included.

Travel by train

The prices of travelling by train include potential ferry and/or bridge tolls for the specific section.

Travel by flight

Prices include known airport taxes and fees for the airlines.

Do you want to learn more about our work with CSR, sustainability and climate compensation?

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