En pige planter et træ. Unitas Rejser klimakompenserer via egen klimaskov i Uganda,

Sustainability Policy

at Unitas Rejser

Our Sustainability Policy

Our sustainability policy was prepared in the desire to practice responsible tourism. It is about how we work within the company and how we advice our customers, business partners and suppliers on each destination to practice responsible tourism as well. It is our hope that an increased focus on sustainability will contribute to our ambition of reaching an international understanding amongst cultures.

*Unitas Travel’s sustainability policy is evaluated and updated on odd-numbered years in November.

CSR og bæredygtighed i Unitas Rejser


As tour operators, we have a responsibility to increase the awareness of responsible tourism among our customers – socially, economically and environmentally. Therefore, sustainability is one of our focus points whenever we are in dialog with our customers. This means travellers can always reach out to us to receive guidance as to how to make your travel more sustainable. Possible initiatives could be:

  • To achieve a bigger cultural understanding by getting insight in the local culture, religion and political situation.
  • To choose eco-friendly alternatives where it is possible.
  • To compensate for CO2-emissions, e.g. through our climate project in Uganda.
  • To buy local goods and services that are produced under responsible conditions and take environmental and socio-cultural conditions into account.
  • To support local charities.

Suppliers and business partners

Unitas Travel wishes to be a responsible business partner where CSR and sustainability play important roles in the cooperation with suppliers and other business partners. Here is how we do:

  • We have increased our focus on sustainability and social responsibility while advicing and informing business partners in the work with their sustainability profile.
  • We evaluate new business partners in accordance to sustainability.
  • We cooperate with partners who meet the laws of the given country and who do not contribute to discrimination, child labour, child abuse, animal cruelty or sextourism.
Samarbejdet med agenter, leverandører og andre partnere

Sustainability within our company

Our sustainability profile is based on UN’s Global Goals that were created to secure decent jobs and economic growth. We wish to be an inclusive workplace where our employees are happy to be and where there is room for differences. In our opinion, it is vital for a sustainable workplace to have employees who are thriving.

We aim to use eco-friendly products along with minimising the use of paper and energy at the office. When our employees are flying out on business trips, we compensate the CO2 emitted on the travel through Green Seat who ensures planting and conservation of forests. In addition, we meadiate climate compensation for all our travellers.

Do you want to learn more about our work with CSR, sustainability and climate compensation?

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